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The fastest, slickest GUI

guiscrcpy has a promising speed and super cool GUI. Frequent updates, and a dynamic platform, making it one of the rising Android Screen Mirroring Software in the open source and proprietary platform

Crafted on scrcpy!

Based on the award winning and powerful CLI based screen mirroring system, aka scrcpy; guiscrcpy takes the best of scrcpy without changing the codebase, ensuring the fastest performance on end systems!


Download the guiscrcpy package and enjoy the benefits of open source

Install it on ANY system with python3.7 or above by

pip3 install --upgrade guiscrcpy --user


Download Supported on Windows 7/8/10
3.0 Stable (.exe)
3.x Development (.exe)


All distributions with python installed. Recommended installation is using pip package manager. Download AppImages
3.0 Stable (AppImage)
3.x Development (AppImage)

Arch Linux? Here is the AUR!
guiscrcpy (AUR)


Download Source / wheel
3.0 pip Wheel
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